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Excellence in Sleep Diagnostics   
  Southern Sleep Diagnostics
4770B Research Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78240

Phone: (210) 614-9775

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Southern Sleep Diagnostics

Staffed by professionals experienced in the diagnoses and treatment of sleep related disorders. Our testing facility utilizes state of the art monitoring equipment and the most comfortable and spacious rooms dedicated solely as a controlled lab environment for optimal testing and comfort for the patient.
Committed to Excellence in Sleep Diagnostics.

What to Expect on the Night of Your Study
Once a patient has been referred by their physician, an appointment date will be scheduled. A sleep technologist will greet you upon your arrival to the laboratory. You will be asked to complete some short questionnaires. You will be assigned a spacious private room and allowed to change into your sleep attire. This is usually pajamas or T-shirt and shorts. The set up for the Polysomnogram requires the use of non-invasive electrodes and monitoring devices that will be placed on the surface of your skin or above your clothes. You will be monitored during the study with a technician available to assist you at all times.
Upon completeion o the study in the morning the monitoring devices will be removed at which time you will be released.
A Board Certified Sleep Specialist will then interpret the exam, with the results forwarded to the referring doctor.

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