Do I Have a Sleep Disorder

Never assume that poor sleep is a normal function, regardless of age.

Sleep disorders left undiagnosed could develop into a lack of concentration, poor memory, irritability, anxiety, depression, morning headaches, decreased job performance.

  Do you often feel tired and unrested in the mornings or become sleepy during the day at work or school?

  Do you find yourself nodding off frequently during the day?

  Do you disturb your sleep or that of others with snoring or awaken gasping for breath?

  Do you stop breathing at night or have you been told that you do so?

  Do you move excessively during sleep or experience periodic or chronic leg kicking that awakens you?

  Answering yes to one of the questions above may give an indication that you may have a sleep disorder.

  For more than one million Americans of all ages a good nights sleep is illusive.
However, many sleep disorders can be diagnosed and physicians can provide treatment to help.